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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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53rd ĐAKOVO EMBROIDERY (THE FESTIVAL ĐAKOVAČKI VEZOVI) 2019. - announcement of the event

Đakovački vezovi is a well known and established event of original folklore.

The first Đakovački vezovi Festival was held on 2 and 3 July 1967 as a touristic and cultural event marking the International Tourist Year. Dr. Zvonimir Benčević gave the incentive to establish the Festival, and the first edition of the Festival was already a great success among the people of Slavonia and others.

The Festival Đakovački vezovi is held annually in July. Its main focus is original folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and western Syrmia as well as other parts of Croatia and the accompanying events –various exhibitions, equestrian shows and other cultural and tourist events. The Festival is international with participants from around the world.

Every summer the Đakovački vezovi Festival gathers tens of thousands of participants, making it the most important Croatian folklore pageant.

Various folklore events take place: Mali vezovi (children’s pageant), folk church singing, the opening ceremony, Đakovština in song and dance, guests in song and dance, procession through the streets of Đakovo, international folklore pageant, Croatian folklore pageant, Slavonia and Baranja folklore pageant, and the closing ceremony “Slavonijo, zemljo plemenita” (The generous land of Slavonia) during which the best presentation of traditional costume is awarded. The most beautiful folk costume for girls and women is chosen (the male counterpart of this pageant was introduced later), which has been an integral part of the Festival from its first edition in 1967.

As a part of the Đakovački vezovi Festival, “Bonavita” is held in Trnava. The Festival consists of a wine drinking competition, the award for best wine, the exhibition and sampling of kruškovača-viljamovka(Poire Williams) and gastro festival: kulinijada, sampling of fiš paprikaš (spicy fish stew) and čobanac(Slavonian shepherd’s stew).

Fans of equestrian sports can enjoy the events at the hippodrome, the venue of the annual equestrian competition.

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The Đakovački vezovi Festival preserves the tradition of this region as well as other regions of Croatia and other countries (traditional costumes, folk dances, traditional hairstyling, horse breeding, and gastronomy).

The whole Town participates in the Festival and the awareness of the importance and cultural value of the Festival is deeply rooted in its population and resistant to the passage of time, which makes us very proud.

The International Ethno Film Festival “The Heart of Slavonia” is also integral parts of the Đakovački vezovi Festival.

The main events include the opening ceremony, folklore ensembles performances and the most important event – festive parade through the streets of Đakovo and the closing ceremony entitles “Slavonijo, zemljo plemenita” (The generous land of Slavonia) with a musical programme and the most beautiful national costume is chosen. 

All the events of the Đakovački vezovi Festival are described in the magazine “Revija Đakovačkih vezova” (Đakovački vezovi Review), which has been published annually since 1970.

The whole Town participates in the Festival, which received the International Tourist Charter F.E.S.T. (the European Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers) for the contribution to tourism in 2005, the annual tourism award “Anton Štifanić in 2007. and 2016., it is the best cultural event in 2013. ''Experience Croatia'' according to Ministry of culture, Ministry of tourism and Croatian National Tuorist Board, in 2017. Đakovo embroidery recived award ''Simply the best'' from Association of croatian travel agencies and tourist magazne Way to Croatia and the event is in 2017./2018. the holder of the EFFE Label, which represents excellence and offers international recognition of the uniqueness of a festival throughout Europe. It is a label awarded by the International Jury of the European Association of Festivals .

Since 2018. the event has the official partner country and the website of the event

The Đakovački vezovi Festival has developed into one of the biggest events of this kind in Croatia with prolific publishing.

Đakovo has always been the “Heart of Slavonia”. It is a town of rich history, continental tourism and natural sites, exquisite gastronomy, music and tradition, all of which are integrated into, celebrated and preserved by the Festival.

The main final three days of the event are:

5.7.2019. (Friday)

The oppening ceremony of the 53. Đakovački vezovi - Strossmayer square in front of St. Peter's chatedral

Music program 


6.7.2019. (Saturday)

International folklore pageant - Stage in Strossmayer park

Music program 

7.7.2019. (Sunday)

Procession through the streets of Đakovo – from Mali park (Small park) to Strossmayer park (folklor associations, equesterians...)

International folklore pageant, Croatian folklore pageant, Slavonia and Baranja folklore pageant - Stage in Strossmayer park

The closing ceremony “Slavonijo, zemljo plemenita” (The generous land of Slavonia) during which the best presentation of traditional costume is awarded.

Music program  


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