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Sunday, December 04, 2022
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Hunting and Hunting Associations in Đakovo

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The most important person of the 19th century in Đakovo was Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer. He was managing the Church’s property in eastern Croatia efficiently and strengthened the area economically to such an extent which enabled the founding of modern Croatian scientific and cultural institutions, and in addition to being a patron of sciences and arts, he was also a nature lover. Hunting was his favourite pastime. In 1848 feudalism was abolished and the hunting rights were transferred to the land owners, which improved the reduced number of game. The situation was relatively favourable only on the 125 acres of bishop’s land in Đakovo, where Strossmayer had his seat, Valpovo and Baranja. Strossmayer inherited hunting grounds where game animals had been bred for a century; he introduced new animal species and expanded the hunting grounds to such an extent he could even give animals away as presents. He expanded the existing and established new breeding sites. He built a fence around the Gara forest near Grojani and inhabited it by pheasants and fallow deer. He believed that hunting grounds should resemble parks and deer to be the forests’ adornment so he never killed them himself. The heritage of Strossmayer in hunting can still be felt today. The biggest hunting and breeding ground is Mačkovac which stretches over 19 thousand hectares and is the habitat of over 400 boar, 120 fallow deer and other deer species.

The Hunting Office Đakovo 

The Hunting Office Đakovo is in charge of hunting on the hunting grounds of Đakovo, it consists of the offices listed below:

Head of office: Miroslav Galić
Address: Splitska 9
31 400 Đakovo
Mobile phone no: +385 (0)99 707 8577

”Vidra” Donji Miholjac –Contact person: Krunoslav Kovačević

”Jarebica” Viškovci - Contact person: Mirko Pavlović

”Jelen” Bračevci - Contact person: Željko Radoš

”Fazan” Budrovci - Contact person: Vinko Kristek

”Sokol” Drenje - Contact person: Stjepan Bošnjaković

”Jelen” Đakovo - Contact person: Miroslav Galić

”Lisica” Gorjani - Contact person: Ivan Andraković

”Vepar” Trnava - Contact person: Stjepan Bikić

”Srndać”Kešinci - Contact person: Zoran Rimac

‘Vepar” Paučje - Contact person: Dragan Vidaković

”Jastreb” Piškorevci - Contact person: Goran Buršić

”Lisica” Punitovci - Contact person: Svemir Klepić

”Fazan” Satnica Đakovačka - Contact person: Ivan Mikešić

”Srndać” Selci Đakovački - Contact person: Zlatko Stolnik

”Zec” Semeljci - Contact person: Grgo Lončarević

”Golub” Slobodna Vlast - Contact person: Franjo Nikolić

”Fazan” Strizivojna - Contact person: Robert Vlahović

”Fazan” Potnjani - Contact person: Adam Pek

”Garov dol” Tomašanci - Contact person: Mihajlo Marušić

”Orao” Vrbica - Contact person: Stjepan Zvonarević

”Vidra” Levanjska Varoš - Contact person: Zlatko Njirjak

”Vepar” Gašinci - Contact person: Jozo Jakovljević

”Šumar” Đakovo - Contact person: Goran Perić

”Srnjak” Trnava - Contact person: Pero Pap

”Kuna” Levanjska Varoš - Contact person: Ivica Batori

”AK Lozić” Široko Polje - Contact person: Dražen Lozić

link to web site The Hunting Office Đakovo  “Osijek”


Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo

The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo (Zajednica športsko ribolovnih udruga Đakovo) was founded on 1 February 1977 at the founding meeting of the Alliance; the founders were the three Sport Fishing Associations at the time and their presidents. The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo has existed for 36 years and today 5 Associations are operating within the Alliance. Their members built the beautiful fishing cabin at the most beautiful part of the Jošava Lake and renovated the cabin at the Borovik Lake. The skilled and hard working recreational fishers represent Đakovo in Croatia in the most successful way, as the sport collective with the biggest number of members with over 650 members. The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo is a valuable recreational fishers’ collective, who brought numerous medals, trophies and diplomas to their hometown and are famous for their organizational skills proven by many successfully organized recreational fishing events in Đakovo. The most important events include: the traditional Slavonia and Baranja Recreational Fishers Meeting in Đakovo, Borovik Carp Cup, Storm Cup Borovik, Croatian National Championship for Cadets, Croatian National Championship in Carp Fishing and many other fishing competitions on county and town level.

poveznica na web stranicu .zsru-Đakovo

Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo / (Zajednica športskih Ribolovnih udruga Đakovo)

K.Domagoja 1
31400 Đakovo

Phone.: + 385 (0) 31 821 710

President: Tihomir Novković

Mobile phone: +385 (0)92 2546850

Secretary: Dinko Pavković

Mobile phone.: +385 (0)92/254 6850

  • “Crvenperka” Semeljci
  • “Šaran” Đakovo
  • “Đakovština” Đakovo
  • “Amur” Kuševac
  • “Smuđ” Viškovci
  • “Geli-Jasen” Đakovo




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