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Sunday, December 04, 2022
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The parks of Đakovo

A song says that Đakovo has “two parks and a Cathedral”, but in fact, it has four parks – the Victory Park (Park pobjede) by the train station, the Small park (Mali park) by the “Mimoza” building, the Big Park (Veliki park) or Strossmayer Park, built almost two centuries ago, and the Mirko Kladarić Park, dedicated to one of the most prominent personalities of the media and cultural scene of Đakovo in the second half of the 20thcentury. Like in most parts of Croatia in the 19th century, medieval fortification walls were destroyed and parks and promenades were built. At that time the famous Strossmayer Park was built in Đakovo, the ornament and “lungs of the town”, a favourite promenade, as well as the venue of the festival Đakovački vezovi, and last but not least, the place of the first romantic encounters of many generations. Even though this park is called Strossmayer Park today, it originates in the period of another distinguished bishop of Đakovo. Bishop Emerik Mirko Raffay (1816 -1830) built the south wing of the Palace upon the destroyed fortification walls of the old town, arranged the garden in front of the south wing of the Palace and planted an orchard and exotic trees, thus one of the most important natural ornaments of the town came into existence. The stage of the festival Đakovački vezovi is located there. It has an amphitheatre-shaped auditorium which has been filled with crowds of spectators since 1967, when the Park became the Festival’s venue.

An unusual stone, suspected to be a meteoroid by the local people, is located in a prominent spot in the Park. Unfortunately, it is just a chert specimen of terrestrial origin, probably leftover construction material of the Cathedral, but interesting enough to inspire the imagination of the local people and their guests.


Đakovo has oases natural of peace and quiet.

The combination of diversity of the bigger and smaller lakes in the Đakovština area is suitable for fishing and walking.

These lakes and the woods of the Đakovština area provide visitors, anglers and hunters with the experience of pristine nature.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo is in charge of preserving this natural lake environment.

The Borovik Lake is located west of Đakovo (between Našice and Đakovo) and has an elongated shape. Borovik is one of the most attractive places in Croatia and this part of Europe for common carp fishing (the largest specimens weigh more than 20 kg) and largemouth bass fishing (weighing 2 or more kilograms). The Borovik Lake hosts the international Carp Cup, which attracts competitors from around the world. There are many discreet bays in the area, which provide peaceful corners for you, your family and friends, and where you can fish, swim and barbecue. The area is also ideal for camping. The path surrounding the lake is over 8 kilometres long, and it is a popular recreational trail, especially for biking or jogging.

The Jošava Lake is located about 2 kilometres north-northeast of Đakovo.  It stretches from the railway embankment Đakovo-Osijek to the man-made earthfill dam. It is 4.5 kilometres long and its average width is 200 metres. It is actually an artificial lake built in 1963/64. Its primary purposes are fish farming, sports and recreation.

The Bajer lakes are located in the town’s territory. These four lakes have an area of 4 hectares and are 5 metres deep. They are abundant with many species of high-end and other fish. The lakes came into existence as a result of clay extraction by a former brick factory. The bottoms of the lakes are composed of clay and vegetated by submerged willow trees. The proximity of the lakes to the urban area is both rare and an asset.


The Mlinac Lake is an accumulation lake. It is located 12 kilometres west of Đakovo in the direction Đakovo-Đakovačka Breznica. It has a total area of 13.6 hectares. The shape of the water area is irregular due to several bays and peninsulas. The surface of the lake is clean. There are only a few aquatic plants on the edges. The lake is abundant with many species of high-end and other fish species.


Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo

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The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo (Zajednica športsko ribolovnih udruga Đakovo) was founded on 1 February 1977 at the founding meeting of the Alliance; the founders were the three Sport Fishing Associations at the time and their presidents. The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo has existed for 36 years and today 5 Associations are operating within the Alliance. Their members built the beautiful fishing cabin at the most beautiful part of the Jošava Lake and renovated the cabin at the Borovik Lake. The skilled and hard working recreational fishers represent Đakovo in Croatia in the most successful way, as the sport collective with the biggest number of members with over 650 members. The Recreational Fishing Alliance Đakovo is a valuable recreational fishers collective, who brought numerous medals, trophies and diplomas to their hometown and are famous for their organizational skills proven by many successfully organized recreational fishing events in Đakovo. The most important events include: the traditional Slavonia and Baranja Recreational Fishers Meeting in Đakovo, Borovik Carp Cup, Storm Cup Borovik, Croatian National Championship for Cadets, Croatian National Championship in Carp Fishing and many other fishing competitions on county and town level.

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